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Chinese high-tech fabric "Golden Silk" will be available for common people.

2018-04-11 09:26:00 Haining Huayi Warp Kinnting Co.,Ltd Read
Internationally known as the “Golden Silk”and“polyimide fibers” recently used in civilian clothing sector, which marked the first time in our country in the world that comes from the field of advanced materials used in aerospace livelihood areas, for garment and textile industry has created a new class of fiber materials. January 21 to 22, a senior professional outdoor wear from “polyimide fiber” made “Yi Lun OR95 clothing”and other top brands of outdoor clothing, outdoor Changchun in the northeast of minus 20 ℃ for a period of two the days of the arctic environment experience. Experience Results: Hiking, warmth stationary state, comfort and lightweight performance are higher than other top outdoor clothing brand.